A bright space filled with windows. The fresh, clean interior. Sophisticated and calm tone. And smiles. There is such a hair salon here in Keybiscane. The chairs you can sit in comfortably for hours and the flat-bed shampoo benches have been imported from Japan and are popular among our clients, who say that these imports are relaxing and comfortable. The shampoo benches in particular are designed to alleviate the stress placed on the neck, achieving a carefree experience in relaxation. These benches are also ideal for shampooing small children.

Treat yourself to a relaxed experience...you deserve it! Our casual yet professional salon will make your stress fade away into a distant memory. Our friendly, professional stylist will pamper you while restoring your hair and renewing your look.

Indulge yourself with a unique Ceci Spa cut, style, or color. Experience a specialized combination of styling options that will perfectly transform your look and spirit. Our first-class service includes today's most advanced coloring and hair management techniques. Our stylist are highly trained and your privacy is assured. Ceci Spa is dedicated to providing you with the utmost attention, courtesy, and level of service. Don't leave your hair to just any salon; you deserve the best.