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September 11, 2015
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September 11, 2015

Body Treatments

Body Treatments

Intensive Body Slimming Program to promote fat loss, reduce inches and feel healthy

Paprika Twist: Stimulating Paprika Herbal Blend to help detoxify, firm and smooth cellulite-prone areas in the lower body

Zen Body Melt: A Fat Melting, Calorie-Burning, Slimming Body Treatment using Infrared Heat Technology to increase circulation in areas with fat deposits and soften fat tissue, causing fat to be released and be burned up as energy burning up to 1400 calories per session. The results are gradual fat loss, reduction of cellulite and firming of the skin. Loose-fitting clothes is required.

Buff away dull looking skin with our captivating natural-blend Body Scrubs for a silky, smoother feel and healthy even tone

Bamboo Scrub: Smoothing Bamboo, Apricot Seeds and Coconut

Cappuccino Buff: Renewing Coffee Beans and Peppermint

Coco Buff: Refining Coconut, Pumice Stone and Sand

Honey Bee: Moisturizing Honey, Almond Oil, Loopha and Apricot Seeds